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i agree tbh about them not coming out ANYTIME soon but it is a very very long process and starting with families hanging out again (i'm not saying they're not actually friends on vacation but the blatant "public display" of it is a bit new?)is a very clever way to do it if it actually is being done,it's not too blatant that it shakes any present opinions about them but it does make people (in the fandom who know families) conclude family hanging out = huh maybe they don't hate each other






I don’t really think anything is happening. I was pointing out the opportunity that exists for it to, but I don’t think it’s going to lead to anything.

For people who aren’t idiots and are paying attention, Gemma and Lottie hanging out is saying that, but those people aren’t the ones who’s minds need to be changed. So I don’t think it’s anything. Not yet anyway. Them hanging out isn’t going to make anyone think anything that isn’t already thinking it.

This absolutely could be correct. It is very likely that nothing is really changing. HOWEVER, if they are seeding the coming out by having/allowing Gemma and Lottie to openly spend time together, they are doing so for the existing fans. That is, the people who will notice. Elounor shippers might not be talking about it, but they have noticed that Eleanor didn’t show up in LA, and now Lottie is hanging out with Gemma on tour.

The general public, who certainly won’t notice any of this, don’t need any warnings about the coming out. They probably barely know who Louis is, don’t know who Eleanor is, and honestly…won’t care.

Eleanor was there less than a month ago though! It’s not like she’s disappeared and is no longer in the picture. I still don’t think there’s good enough reason to conclude she was supposed to be in LA anyway.

I really don’t think they’re using Lottie and Gemma to seed a coming out…. like at all. Not the way it is now.

I honestly don’t think that Modest is going to help with the coming out. So I don’t expect anything to really change on that front until management changes.

I still find it odd that Gemma and Lottie are hanging out, and making that fact so publicly known. Whenever Lottie is on tour it is weird. Why do we never get pictures of her and Louis? Isn’t that who she’s there to see? Why are we supposed to believe that she, a 16 year old girl, is friends with all these adult women? Why doesn’t she ever bring a friend with her? Why is she ‘interning,’ or whatever, with Lou Teasdale anyway? The whole thing is strange.

I really don’t think it’s that strange… Harry was 16/17 and hanging out with people much older than him. Maybe she doesn’t want to bring a friend. Maybe she’s not allowed to bring a friend.

She’s always been into hair and makeup, there are videos from 2 or more years ago of her being involved with stuff like that. I just don’t see how it’s weird.

Sorry for putting my 2 cents in it but it’s probably weird because she’s a Tomlinson



A cafe in Manly, Australia.

*** And? This doesn’t make Larry real, unless you have video proof of them making out at this location!!!

It doesn’t prove it I just find it funny how an anchor and rope always go together and I’m sure whoever the owner of this local might be he or she is not a “deluded freak” who “fantasizes about gay porn”

A cafe in Manly, Australia.

And neither are they punk rock lmao

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*actual footage of louis tomlinson driving while in america*


Eleanor’s back and Harry gets sex bruises

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louis learning harry how to play piano






Harry was filming the ALS ice bucket challenge bye

It was actually, I, debunklarry filming the ice bucket challenge bye

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